10/60 aux hydraulic does not lowe

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10/60 aux hydraulic does not lowe

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Firstly I hope all is well. Over here we are enjoying the summer period.
My Nuffield 10/60, which is in the family since new, still is going strong on our farm doing "retirement jobs"😋

It works well in general. Also the main lift raises and lowers as should be.

But it has a weird thing on the aux hydraulic connection
We have a tipper that has one hydraulic hose which plugs in nicely into the aux valve on the right side of the rear casing.
When I operate the aux lever, it also raises the tipper fine. So far so good.

But... Here, the fun stops 😀
When lowering the aux lever, nothing happens. The tipper stays vertical...
We also tried directly connecting the tipper hose with the aux pipe, so without the valves to exclude them. To no avail unfortunately.

To me it also seems like the aux lever can only be lowered say 1 cm travel. Upwards one can move the lever a much greater distance. And, also in comparison the main lift lever goes much more downward. Could it be, the aux lever is stuck internally? Or any other thoughts?

Would be nice to get this going as well.
Thanks in advance

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