270 PTO stopped

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Re: 270 PTO stopped

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I drained out trans oil and removed pto shaft to see damaged selector. Quite easy to do. Check my post 245 PTO selector fork, as I posted some pics. Also check pto pedal rod.

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Re: 270 PTO stopped

Post by JohnP »

Yes you can take the shaft out, but I would leave it in place.

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Re: 270 PTO stopped

Post by Mikew »

So I managed to find some time and pulled the 255 rear end to bits. I took the PTO out and had a look in the back end and I found that I had cracked the weld on the end of the selector fork (where the shaft is attached) but also the PTO tube support bush was absolutely shot and had allowed the tube a lot of play on the PTO shaft, the play in the shaft was making the gear hit the end of the hydraulic pump gear, so there was no way in heck it would engage unless it jumped up. New bush, fixed fork, tombstone back on, just waiting to pick up some new oil.
Thanks for all your help
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