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Mattias from Sweden here.
I have an 1958 FE35, use it to clean the yard from snow in winter. A couple of days ago i bought a Åkerman H11B and a tractor digger said to be a 1969 Nuffield.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

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Hi all, Joe from County Offaly, Ireland. I am a full time farmer since leaving school at 15 in 1972. My soft spot for Nuffield goes back to learning how to drive on a DM4 my father had which he then traded in for a new 4/65 in 1967, I remember well the day they drove it home, I nearly died with the excitement. Time moved on and so did tractors but my interest in Nuffield brought me to buy a 460 I came across in early 2020, in reasonable condition but needing a lot of work, the progress of which I post under Projects. I have done a good bit on it but more to do.
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Re: Introduce yourself!

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Hi there, Simon from Rugby, UK here. I'm brand new to tractor ownership, having just purchased a late 70s (I think...) Leyland 245. It's going to be used mainly for paddock maintenance (topping, harrowing, rolling) though I'll most likely do a 'rolling restoration' as I go :) I qualified in the 90s as a light vehicle mechanic though have never worked on a tractor, so I'm looking forward to the voyage of discovery. Thanks to all who have set up this forum and the owners' club - looks like a really useful resource. Edit: pic added.

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