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Mattias from Sweden here.
I have an 1958 FE35, use it to clean the yard from snow in winter. A couple of days ago i bought a Åkerman H11B and a tractor digger said to be a 1969 Nuffield.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

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Hi all, Joe from County Offaly, Ireland. I am a full time farmer since leaving school at 15 in 1972. My soft spot for Nuffield goes back to learning how to drive on a DM4 my father had which he then traded in for a new 4/65 in 1967, I remember well the day they drove it home, I nearly died with the excitement. Time moved on and so did tractors but my interest in Nuffield brought me to buy a 460 I came across in early 2020, in reasonable condition but needing a lot of work, the progress of which I post under Projects. I have done a good bit on it but more to do.
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Re: Introduce yourself!

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Hi there, Simon from Rugby, UK here. I'm brand new to tractor ownership, having just purchased a late 70s (I think...) Leyland 245. It's going to be used mainly for paddock maintenance (topping, harrowing, rolling) though I'll most likely do a 'rolling restoration' as I go :) I qualified in the 90s as a light vehicle mechanic though have never worked on a tractor, so I'm looking forward to the voyage of discovery. Thanks to all who have set up this forum and the owners' club - looks like a really useful resource. Edit: pic added.

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Hi all, I farm in New Zealand with my parents and some of my earliest memories are with old mate on our 10/60.

She's out of action at the moment but we still have a Leyland 235, that we use just about daily, a Leyland 2100 and a Ford 5000 backhoe in action.

In addition to the 10/60 we have Leyland 145, 270, and 384 in need of a bit of attention to bring back into service.

I'm hoping I've found the right place to get a bit of info on how to get the 10/60 up and running!

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Re: Introduce yourself!

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Hi. I am Don France from the south Island of New Zealand. I am a semi retired farmer an have owned or been around Nuffields most of my life. My father employed a contractor who ran a DM4 and a PM4 before buying his own used M4. I still own the M4 which we used alongside a DM4 and later a 10/60. The M4 has never done any serious hard work, the early years mowing hay with a 6ft Activ sickle mower and pulling a New Holland 68 engine function baler. It also did a lot of post driving with a hydraulic post driver. It does no work now and in fact hadn't been started for about 8 years until last week. It took a little while to convince it needed to show signs of life but as usual it fired up and is running as sweet as ever. The clutch was stuck but 10litres of diesel in the clutch housing and left there for a week soon fixed that. The tractor is complete and in good condition except for the paint. Still has a straight toolbox, its single original headlight and work light (minus their glasses) and a working temperature gauge through the bonnet. The main things missing are the radiator screens. The paint is getting tired but the tractor has been sign written with the features of the model. We understood, when my Dad bought it, that it went around the A & P shows when it was new and the sign writing was to show it off. I am reluctant to repaint it and cover that up as it is a major part of its history. Its serial number is NT 1688 so it is a reasonably early one, maybe the first one into New Zealand. If anyone can give me any more information about build date or export date I would be interested.
Keep up the good work, I am always interested in hearing about other Nuffields particularly M4s
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Hi all, my name is Leo and I own a Nuffield 10/60. Try to restore this beautifull tractor. Hope to learn a lot here on the forum.
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