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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Nuffield_Paul »

Morning all,

I'm Paul, I'm from North East England. I own a 1958 Universal 3/3DL, in the past I used (and learned to drive on!) a very worn 4/65, and was offered a 3DL when I was 15 for £100, but sadly could not find a way to get it home, but the desire to own a Nuffield has never gone away, and after recently selling a Case 895, I was in a position to look for one in earnest, settling on a 3DL from Stirling.

I am a Mechanical Engineer in the automotive sector, and in the past have been an ICI Premium Apprentice, Assistant Plant Engineer at Corus Teesside, and then a Design Engineer for Cummins Engines, heavily involved in Euro 5, 6 and Industrial product, with the stand out achievement for me being the Euro 5 engine for the original batch of NBfL busses (the modern day spiral staircase Wrightbus version of the Routemaster).

Thanks, Paul

Nuffield 3DL (1958), Ferguson TEA20 (1948), Ferguson TEF20 (1954)
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by 270 »

Hi everyone,
I’ve just joined today so thought I’d say hello. I bought a leyland 270 with a loader last year to use on a little patch of Hampshire that we moved to. I’m new to tractor ownership, an ambition turned to reality and loving it. We’ve restored the hydraulics and hoses, new brakes and given it a bit of a service so far. Next to solve is why the PTO wont engage under load. any and all advice gratefully received.
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My introduction to Leyland and yourselves.

Post by Sammax »

The earliest tractors I used were the grey diesel Fergie, the Fordson Dexta as a loader mounted scraper tractor then the 135, 165 and 175. The 165 was always my favourite.

Having collected Series 3 Land Rovers for a few years and accumulated four with three on the road and one waiting for the bodywork to go back on I decided I needed more to do. This is my first wander into the Leyland tractor range with a non road registered Leyland 270 fitted with a loader.

The Frame number is 270N/6607/-176227 and the Engine number is 498NT177710149

I intend to get it road registered again.

Edit: Dave at Charnleys has indicated this would have been first registered in July or August 1973 aand I will use Dave Morgan to help me get the DVLA application right.

Kind regards to all

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by PhilLeyland344 »

Hi, I'm Phil, and recently volunteered to do some mechanical work on a Leyland 344 which is used at our boat club. I've actually got brakes working and am now trying to sort the power steering - recon pump to be fitted, but all bushes in steering head are shot. Trying to remove it, but unable to move valve adjuster pin. Currently soaking in penetrating oil. Heat is my next thought, together with as large shifter and a biger hammer.
Or is there an easier way please.

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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by JohnP »

If this is the big screw with the lockout screw it down not up!

If it ain't bust don't fix it!
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by daryl_redden »

Hi everyone, thanks for adding me to your group!

I am looking to buy a Nuffeild 3cylinder diesel with front end loader that currently won't turn over
The seller seems to think its to do with the timing gears but I havn't been out to see it yet. The machine was running fine and then just wouldn't start apparently.
Any ideas on where to check first would be greatly appreciated , all I know is the machine looks clean in the photos and the injectors and pump were recently rebuilt.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by mike.l »

The drive to the injector pump would be the first thing to check make sure it has the alignment marks in correct place as they are known to be a problem you may be able to see where it was and be able to move it back to the marks and get it to run think its only 2 1/4 " bolts holding it other than that as a quick fix it could be the key ways on the drive parts . mike
what part of Canada are you
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Vtwin »

Hi, from UK but lived in NZ for 15 years. Own a few acres so needed a tractor and mower attachment for topping grass. Looked for anything cheap and running, and this 58/59 342 came up for sale not too far away.
Owned for a few years now, and goes well. Brakes are very average but land is flat so not really a problem...
Kevin G
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by Kevin G »

Hi, Im Kevin. I live in Galway, Ireland. Im a mechanical Engineer and having grown up on a farm I have always be around machinery. I have spent years operating and repairing tractors and machinery. We have a Leyland 802 which I spent many many hours working during the summers when I was working on the farm. I have been recommissioning this tractor over the past few months as it has been sitting in the corner of a shed. In a world where everything is electronic, it is very enjoyable to work on these well built workhorse where a bad sensor wont ruin you day and pocket!!! Thanks for letting me join. I hope to get my hands on an 804 as it is tractor I would very much like to restore. Looking forward to getting to know fellow enthusiasts.

Regards Kevin
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Re: Introduce yourself!

Post by eastfield »

John from Tipperary(south), Ireland. From a farming background and did farm myself for 10 years until ‘something better’ came along. Was always interested in machinery and how things work. Repairing, restoring machinery gives me a lot of satisfaction. That need is currently provided to me by a 1979 Leyland 272 which was not well maintained during its later working life and which was not very well protected from the elements when it was not used for circa 8 years. Would love to be in contact with nearby leyland 272 owners with a view to ‘comparing ‘ notes
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