The Lord Cobley Steering Conversion

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Rick Cobley
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The Lord Cobley Steering Conversion

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At the beginning of this year fellow Nuffield and Leyland enthusiast Nick Lord was in my workshop and having driven my Nuffield with hydrostatic steering commented how nice it would be if his Leyland 272 had precise steering like my Nuffield as his steering was sloppy as most parts were worn and the pin anchoring the ram in the chassis was lose in its hole so a complete repair was impossible.

He then went on to enquire if a direct acting ram could be fitted to a Leyland like my Nuffield and so the seeds for a project were sown. Another Forum member Neil Jackson who is fitting hydrostatic steering to his Nuffield had made me aware that a ram for a MF tractor was very similar to what I had made for my tractor and could be used, so one was purchased and the project was started.

A spare axle was brought into my workshop and with the ram and various components a kit was put together and soon we were at the point of being ready to fit it.

Nick drove his tractor to my workshop and set about stripping off his old steering components ( I was still recovering from my shoulder operation and mostly observed)

Then he started refitting components, everything went to plan.

Fitting complete the tractor was started and steering tested, everything worked as planned and it was found that the MF ram had more stroke than required and would need some spacers fitting each side the piston to reduce this but first nick needs to recondition his kingpins before measurements can be taken for the spacers.

That evening Nick drove the tractor home ( in a straight line!).

Regards Rick Cobley

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Jeroen Sleijpen
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Re: The Lord Cobley Steering Conversion

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Had a chuckle about the "Lord Cobley" title part!
Good project once again! Thanks for taking the time and effort sharing it with us!


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Re: The Lord Cobley Steering Conversion

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Should it be Lord Cobley Esq.? Note the double space!

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Re: The Lord Cobley Steering Conversion

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Hi this is a good article guess rick will be marketing a kit before long, should put a patent on it Rick before i steal you ideas as for the title think it fits well as in the beginning we had Lord nuffield now we have Lord Cobley steering kits. One thing i cannot get my head around what is double space and what does it mean in the modern world. Mike
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