Leyland 384 with blower

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Leyland 384 with blower

Post by Triumph »

Hi all, newbie here.
Have a couple of questions regarding a 384 with a snow blower attachment.
1- how tight should the chain be that drives the auger?
2- what rpm should the engine be running at for proper blowing?
3 - should trans be in HI or LOW?
Thanks. Stewart.

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Re: Leyland 384 with blower

Post by mike.l »

Hi A small amount of an answer as i am not familiar with your tractor The chain does not need to be tight as it gets its drive from the teeth on the slack side you should have around a 1 1/2 inches of movement does your machine have a slack adjuster gear ? you would normally run such as a snow blower in low gear and the blower should run at 540 rpm at around 3/4 throttle hope this helps you feel your way to a successful tractor snow blower experience mike
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