How do you secure yours

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How do you secure yours

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Hello Peeps.

So, on the drive where currently my Toy lives (1960 Nuffield Universal 4) the front wheel has a heavy duty trailer style 3 bars wheel lock the other 3 wheels have chogs under them….Normally the battery will be removed and there’s a CCTV camera trained on the drive….

On the rally field, now there’s a different matter… hand brake on. Left in gear? the earth battery lead will be removed if the tractor was some distance away I will remove the battery …What do you do?

We know folks like to have little Thomas & Chardonnay climb up & have their photos taken…. Which really isn’t such a bad thing, apart from they don’t ask first. But little T&C’s fingers roam….pull knobs & flick switches hence the battery lead removal.

I was thinking about some form of lock on the pull stop, as in, its pulled out and a wraparound lock on the cable just for belt and braces type thing.

So, what do you do/have for security?

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Re: How do you secure yours

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A cheap and simple device is the battery isolator which has a removable knob. Pocket size. Effective in many cases.

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