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Leyland electrics

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Hi anyone know if there is a way to check voltage stableiser to see if it as failed as my dashboard has stopped working thanks jonty

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Re: Leyland electrics

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The instrument voltage stabiliser controls just the fuel and temperature gauges. If the 'battery condition'. Voltmeter is not working either, then the fault is elsewhere.
If you need to replace the stabiliser, there are solid state ones available which work much better than the original. This is an example which is a direct substitute


The solid state ones are polarity sensitive however. If you go this route check you get one which is negative or positive earth as appropriate.

To answer your question literally it is possible to test the stabiliser when removed from the panel.
Put 12Volts + to the B terminal and - to 'E'. Measure the voltage between 'I' and 'E'; it should be about 10. If it has totally failed it will be zero.
Testing by substitution is the usual technique.
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