4/98 liner standing height

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4/98 liner standing height

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First time posting on here but I’ve acquired a 270 that I am halfway through rebuilding the engine on.

My question is when setting the standing height on the liners, which part of the top face of the liner am I measuring with the dial gauge. As it seems the way the liner is machined means there is 3 parts all at different heights.

I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean.

Thanks I’m advance for any help/replies


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Re: 4/98 liner standing height

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The JCB manual covers this https://nuffieldtractor.com/viewtopic.php?t=25, but it looks like these liners don't quite come up to spec, if the difference in the two patches outside the spigot is within spec then just make sure both are within the correct envolope (you have 3 thou to play with). If the liners are too high the coolant and oil passages won't seal, if they're too low the cylinders won't seal properly and possibly even allow the liner to move about. The spigot should be inside the hole in the gasket as it helps to seal the cylinder. From your pic it looks like the protrusion is good but check to make sure.
Rick Cobley
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Re: 4/98 liner standing height

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Hi, Firstly before you check the liner height, they should be clamped down. I usually do this by placing a piece of 2" iron bar that has been drilled to fit over the head studs, I then run a nut down onto it to clamp the liner.
Then place a short straight edge on the liner at a tangent next to the fire ring ( the raised lip next to the bore). Liner heigth is measured with a feeler blade under the straight edge on the block.

Regards Rick Cobley
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