Marshall 602 starting problem

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Marshall 602 starting problem

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My 602 ususall starts only on the key with a fully charged battery (the battery is new), otherwise the solenoid just clicks (the starter motor and solenoid are also new). When the solenoid clicks, I can always start it easily with a screwdriver across the solenoid/live termials. I noticed today that there is only about 7 to 8 volts showing at the starter switch live terminal (also new!). Can anyone tell me why that might be and if that is likely to be causing my starting problem? Is there an easy fix?
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Re: Marshall 602 starting problem

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Hi, I assume the battery is reading over 12 volts? Take a wire from the + on the battery and touch it on the small flat connector on the solenoid and it should start. You should have 12 volts at the starter switch so you will have to trace the main feed wire back and check all the connections are clean and tight. Check the voltage at the fuse box, if there is 12 volts there then the problem is between there and the switch, if not it is further back
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