Leyland 255N Power Assist Not Working

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Leyland 255N Power Assist Not Working

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Hello. I just bought a Leyland 255N with the power steering not working. I have changed the fluid and filter. Bled the air and followed the manual adjustment procedure. I am at a loss. How do I know if the pump is operating correctly? Does the pump burn up if it was run without fluid? Don't know that it ever was, just thinking it is a possibility. Thank you.

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Re: Leyland 255N Power Assist Not Working

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To see if there is any force being developed, probably the easiest way is to set the screwed valve adjusting pin so there is a lot of free movement in the system. More than the 3 turns as given in the manual. So, with the engine stopped, there might be a quarter of a turn slop at the steering wheel. Then see if there is any assistance when the engine is going.
If this produces a positive result it will at least show that the pump, valve and cylinder are working.


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