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Hi everyone,

Looking for some help, I have a late 1981 JCB 3CX-4 and she's just thrown a rod. Its the 4/98NT engine I believe and I'm looking for options to get her back to work. Open to all suggestions, replace or rebuild, any info about the engine or the whereabouts of one would be very much appreciated.


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Re: JCB 3CX-4

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Just rebuilt a 4/98tt engine, not bad to work on once its out. It all depends on how much damage there is, if the block is ok a new piston, liner and rod would be the way to go,, even a second hand piston and rod is ok with new rings and liner, and if the crank is ok it can be done without removing the engine. If the crank needs regrinding its probably £250-300 for a regrind and shells, add a piston, con rod, liner and gaskets and the price is starting to get up there. But you could pay alot of money for a second hand engine with no guarantees how long it will last
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